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Slim N Healthy Herbal 90 capsule

Slim N Healthy Herbal 90 capsule

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--- Reduce Weight --- 100% Herbal --- 100% Safe --- No Side Effect

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Founded in 2005

Sports Nutrition Technology that approach to provide nutritional food supplements with quality of the highest grade and safety. Our product range is developed considering the body's ability to process the ingredients (bio-availability). Our target is to enhance the excellence performance in sports and fitness regime that can be measured in, quickness,and muscle strength. Secondly to quickly recovery, this creates more capacity for practice and competition.Strategic diet and nutrition will also increase immunity, allowing one to stay fit and healthy.Our products are suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, and people on weight loss/gain program and for all those who wish to remain fit across all age groups.

BRAND TRADE NAME .        Slim N Healthy

BRAND PERSONALITY         Fat Burner                                                              

BRAND EQUITY.                  SNT Provides a quality consistent innovative and accessible nutrition reputations

Augmented Product.             Nutrition information

Slim N Healthy Caps is 100 % safe & has no side effects.



Serving Size: 2 times 2-2 capsules per day Serving Per Container: 22 servings
  Amount Per 100g % DV
Active Ingredient Qty
Vrukshamla(Garcinia Cambogia) 250mg
Vidanga(Embelia Ribes) 100mg
Chitraka(Plumbago Zeylanicum) 50mg
Methika(Trigonella Foenum Graecum) 25mg
Trikatu(Piper Longum 25mg
Piper Nigrum & Zingiber Officinale))

Usage: 1 – 2 capsules 2 times a day

30 minutes before breakfast

30 minutes before lunch

It is recommended to use it at least for 3 months for the best results,

We always suggest that those should avoid it -:
---Pregnant women

---Nursing mothers